Find your endocannabinoid balance.

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Cannabis products made with women in mind.

We’ve created cannabis-derived wellness products for every woman at every stage of her life.
Celebrate your joyful, vital feminine within, through cannabis wellness products, designed just for you!

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Sleep Better

A great day begins with a good night’s sleep…

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Find Relief

What’s holding you back from life’s adventures?

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Relax and Enjoy

It’s your time, relax, have fun and enjoy life!

Cannabis Products Designed Just For You!

Cannabinoid sensitivity is different in every human body. We offer a variety of cannabinoid formulations in a range of potencies within the betty product line. Whether it is CBD, CBG, CBD-A, CBN, CBC or a little THC, we have products to designed just for you and your unique endocannabinoid balance. You can find a consistent and perfect fit every time you use betty’s uniquely formulated products like roll-on topicals, infused intimate massage oil, bath soaks, gummies, and recreational treats to enjoy with friends.

*We recommend NOT using cannabis products while pregnant or nursing.

Quality Products
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Easy-to-use, yummy, and fast-acting, Betty’s Cannabits are tasty chewable tablets sure to be your favorite way to enjoy cannabis as part of your daily routine. We’ve unified Mother Earth’s amazing natural adaptogens and soothing ingredients like Matcha Mint, Ginger, Lavender Pomegranate, Mango Tango and Peppermint with custom cannabinoid extracts in a discrete, easy-to-use form.

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Magic in a no-mess roll-on, betty’s balms are a game-changer in the topical cannabis market,
consistently delivering 5-star reviews. Suitable for any body part that needs a little TLC, our balms
deliver quick relief where applied. We pair our nurturing cannabinoid ratios with fast-absorbing oils
lightly scented with a curated blend of aromatic essential oils. Choose from our three exceptional
roll-on balms: Warming, Cooling, and Bedtime.

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Bath Soaks
Wash the stress, aches, and pains of the day away with betty’s Bath Soaks. Fusing cannabinoids and
botanical extracts with fragrant essential oils, our bath soak aromatherapy is a full-body cannabis spa
treatment you can use in your tub. Our Detox, Chill Out, and Bedtime Bath Soaks will transport you
and soothe your spirit.

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Who doesn’t need a little more love? Mother Earth really took care of her fellow women, by creating amazing cannabinoids to naturally excite our fabulous erogenous zones! Women (and men) everywhere are raving about how a fun little bottle called “Love Potion” has CHANGED THEIR LIVES…. We like to say, “Apply topically to every nook & cranny” for naturally heightened sensation! You’re welcome

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Take your happy hour to the next level with canna-mocktail rim mixtures from betty. Elevate your
go-to nonalcoholic beverage of choice with one of our formulated blends of THC-infused glass rim
mixtures. Our sweet Lavender Pomegranate Rim Sugar, salty Pink Himalayan Margarita Rim Salt,
and spicy Zesty Red Chile Salt cannabinoid-enhanced flavors will add panache and pleasure to the
rim of your mocktail.

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Ginger Repair

By combining modern cannabinoid research and ancient Chinese medicine, we infuse our CBG,
CBD, and THC cannabinoid formulations with ginger, a time-honored, well-documented, potent
anti-inflammatory, which may reduce oxidative stress in the body.

You’ll find this compelling combination in our Ginger Chewables and our Ginger Limeade Happy Hour

Our Warming Body Balm and Detox Bath Soak incorporate cannabinoids, ginger, natural aromatic
essential oils formulated to balance hormones, and cabbage extract, believed to promote lymphatic
fluid movement.

Ginger is betty’s choice repair remedy to address inflammation, swelling, and puffiness.

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Refreshing Mint

As many women know, inflammation is the source of their aches, pains, and challenges. Research
shows that cannabinoids like CBD show promise in the treatment of inflammation. We infuse betty’s
targeted cannabinoid formulations with the pleasing scents of peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol to
provide fast relief for your overworked body.

Combined with CBD, betty has an aromatic answer if you seek relief for overworked knees, tired from
climbing stairs with the laundry basket, or training self-care, as you prepare to run your first marathon.
Our refreshing mint and cannabinoid combinations may be the key to managing your inflammation
and providing fast relief to your overworked body.

You’ll find our helpful and refreshing mint blends in betty’s Cooling Body Balm and Chill Out Bath

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Ahhh Lavender

Delicate and sweet, lavender is believed to have therapeutic properties that aid in relaxation. Betty’s
bedtime product line combines aromatic botanical lavender with custom ratios of cannabinoids. Say
“Ahh” as your body unwinds, rests, and recharges.

Betty pairs Lavender Pomegranate Chewables, Bedtime Body Balm, and Bedtime Bath Soak with
CBN, which is often referred to anecdotally as the “sleep cannabinoid,” so you can decompress
before you drift off to sleep.

Our Warming Body Balm, Detox and Chill Out Bath Soaks, and Lavender Pomegranate Rim Sugar
are formulated with lavender but without CBN.

Betty Essentials Hq
betty benefits
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Intimacy: betty is fun

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Try a bottle of Vanilla Love Potion! Yes, all ingredients are food safe! We’ll leave the assorted uses to your imagination! Just know, Betty has a little something special for everyone.

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Sleep and Restoration: betty is chill

A great day begins with a good night’s sleep, the wellspring of wellness. With deep, restorative sleep,
the body’s systems better work toward their optimum. Betty’s line of bedtime products utilize THC,
CBD, and CBN, the anecdotal “sleep cannabinoid.”

Calming botanicals, including lavender, frankincense, and cedar, promote relaxation and gently lull
you off to sleep.

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Relief: betty is kind

Is pain limiting you? Studies show cannabinoids can be effective in pain reduction. Try our roll-on
Cooling Body Balm, effective spot treatment for areas that ache; with over 1000 mg CBD and cooling
botanicals, this topical delivers quick relief. For a full-body relief session, rejuvenate in betty’s Chill
Out Bath Soak which sports a full 100 mg of CBD per tub.

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PMS: betty gets it

Cranky, cramping, and bloating? Betty gets it! It stinks when period or menopausal symptoms stop
you in your tracks. Tame the pain with betty’s Detox Bath Soak and the Warming Body Balm. We
combine CBG, CBD, and THC, with hormone-balancing essential oils, rose, Roman chamomile, clary
sage, frankincense, and lavender. We compound it further with ginger, a powerful antioxidant, and
cabbage extract, which stimulates lymphatic flow and reduces puffiness.

Add a Ginger Chewable for a relaxing full-body treatment, balancing your mood and lifting your
spirits. Or if you’re craving chocolate, try a betty Chocolate Brownie Microwave Minute Cake with 10
mg THC to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s ready in just 60 seconds. The perfect period combo!